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UAE Travel Ban: What You Need to Know

The UAE travel ban may be imposed on a person on various grounds, for instance, as the result of criminal offences, unpaid loans, breach of immigration laws or family matters. Implications of such a ban can be financially severe and daunting for the affected person. This article aims to give readers a clear understanding of what is the UAE travel b...

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Bounced Cheques in the UAE: What You Need to Know

In the UAE, the cheque bounce is a very frequent problem faced by people during their span in the country. It is covered under the purview of a criminal offense in the UAE, and legal implications/penalties can be financially severe and daunting. Bounced cheque issues may arise in a variety of commercial transactions, including but not limited to, c...

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Wills for Non-Muslims in Dubai and Ras Al Khaimah

In 2016, Dubai introduced an exceptionally unique solution to entertain basic asset protection needs to Foreign Investors and Expat Residents living in Dubai. They can now be 100% sure their assets are fully protected against any problems that may arise because of the forced heirship system applied by the Sharia Regulations in the United Arab Emira...

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Is a Barter Gratuity Possible in the UAE?

Issue: An employee resigned from the job after working for 5 years, and signs a letter addressed to the employer that he wants his gratuity to be paid only after his customer pays the employer. Therefore, has the employer defaulted for End of Service (EOS) payment under the UAE Labour Law? Under the UAE Labour Law, end of serv...

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Intellectual Property: Is It Worth the Investment?

Intellectual Property! The concept seems to some individuals to represent an ambiguous abstraction. To others it represents incongruity. But for many, without a doubt, Intellectual Property (IP) is a potent tool. IP is an intangible asset and is a legal concept for which rights are recognised for the human mind’s creativity. Under this specialise...

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