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Age Discrimination

Age Discrimination

If you feel like you are being discriminated in your workplace because of your age, or you are getting avoided or not getting considered towards a position because you are old or young, that can be considered as age discrimination and you may have a claim.

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Summary of age  discrimination claims

The abudhabi global market (ADGM) ,A special financial zone operating in abudhabi has proposed its own regulations in work places known as the ADGM employment regulations of 2015which is based on English law. The law states that an employer must not discriminate against an employee on some basis, one of them being age.

The Dubai international finance centre (DIFC) a financial free zone in Dubai adapts the regulations in ADGM And has a law prohibiting discrimination based on age.

In these laws only the employees of the financial zone and area are covered.

As the ADGM is a common law jurisdiction, an employee could bring a civil claim for damages for misconduct of statutory duty. but regarding criminal claims, ADGM is under the UAE penal code which does not contain any age discrimination provisions.

If you are an employee in ADGM Financial sector, and is facing age discrimination, you have the right for a claim based on ADGM regulations. We are here to provide any legal help and attention you require. contact us for legal advice and claiming your rights.