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Do’s and Don’ts While Visiting Dubai

Do's and don'ts, find lawyer UAE

Do’s and Don’ts While Visiting Dubai

Knowledge is the gaining power on traveling different places. With different culture, traditions, history and people, every place has unique theories. UAE welcomes various expat nationalities. There are certain rules and regulations that are to be followed in Dubai. These are based on the customs and traditions of the Islamic culture. Learning ones’ culture is purely a sign of respect. As UAE is an open country, to learn their traditions are easier.

Do’s in Dubai

Respectful: Greeting people with a smile offers you the warmest hospitality. Respect and humble behavior make you feel comfortable. Always try to give respect to get respect.

Avoid PDAs: Public displays of affection are not allowed in Dubai. Physical contact in public places are strictly against the rules. Lighter things like holding hands for married couples are tolerated. Other affections are to be made in your house or rooms.

Prescription checks: Drugs are illegal in Dubai. The government is not responsible for those who keep drugs with them. Due to this restriction some people may include those in prescriptions of medicines. So always make sure that you are not choosing accidentally in illegal pharmaceuticals.

Conservative dressing: Modest dressing is promoted in public places in Dubai. Shopping malls might have dress code that are expected to adhere to. A headscarf should be worn by women while visiting religious monuments. Men are not allowed to take their tops while being in the beaches. Proper and decent dressing always gain respect.

Abide by Ramzan rules: While traveling out in Dubai during the Ramzan time, make sure to read up on how one should behave. The time of this religious festival is to be taken with care. As eating, drinking and smoking in public during the Ramzan time are prohibited.

Don’ts in Dubai

Swear: Speaking foul language are not allowed in Dubai. Making vulgar comments is strictly prohibited which is seen as a disrespectful behavior. If these are not followed properly it leads to face punishments.

Insult Islam: As Dubai is an Islamic country the respect for Islam should be maintained in a good way. Do not say anything against Islam loud. That may lead to be disrespectful and they will face serious punishments. Its better to keep within yourself even if you have any counter opinions.

Drinking in public: In Dubai, alcohol consumption for Muslims is strictly illegal offense. They are against the UAE law. But for Non-Muslims, they can drink alcohol in licensed bars, hotels or restaurants (only if you are over the age mentioned in the UAE law). Public drinking is strictly prohibited in Dubai. No such activities are promoted and once they are broken will face the law.

Using left hand: In the Muslim culture, left hand is seem to be used for body hygiene. So shaking hands while greeting somebody with left hand should not be done. This is seem to be unclean behavior. Eating too shouldn’t be done with left hand.

Flaunt homosexuality: Cross dressing is illegal in Dubai. Being gay is still not accepted in UAE and any kind of public affection displays result in many consequences.

Taking photos without permission: Taking photos of people, especially local woman, is strictly prohibited in the UAE.


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