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Expatriates Will Face Deportation in Drug Cases

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Expatriates Will Face Deportation in Drug Cases

UAE country is filled with expatriates in huge numbers. The country has zero-tolerance to narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances usage. The Federal Law No.14 of 1995 (UAE Narcotic and Psychotropic law) stated punishments for export, import, transportation. Consumption, possession and storage of narcotic drugs and kinds of illegal substances.

Expatriates in the UAE or the foreigners who visit UAE are allowed to carry their medical drugs only on the condition that they should have a doctor’s prescription. So this makes the evidence of the importance of that medical drug consumption by the person is needed for their health. By the same way, the UAE Drug law criminalizes the usage of narcotic drugs like hashish, khat, marijuana, cocaine, tramadol, heroin, etc. Their usage or export, import methods can leads to punishments such as life imprisonment, death penalty, deportation and fines.

Several amendments were made to the UAE Drug Law. The establishment of an Addiction Treatment Unit under the supervision of the Treatment Supervision Committee is one such thing. The treatment for the drug addicted is carried over here. There will be three types of programs along with the treatment plan. This will be surely based on the patient’s age, gender and group. Finally, a follow-up test for the patient will also be conducted.


As a legal procedure the expatriates will face deportation who are caught under the UAE Drug Law. But there could be other punishments too. But for the expatriates the deportation sounds a little hard. They may be the workers, who are in job hunting, students, etc. in the UAE.

In a case that happened, the Supreme Court decided to deport an expat man who was caught in drug offense from the UAE. This was made according to a report of 7 days’ time. The UAE top court summed up with the decision by an appeal court not to deport the Arab man who was caught in the drug case (tramadol). The criminal court found that man guilty and judged to deport the man after 1-year of jail punishment. But the man appealed and was issued with AED 1,000 fine instead of jail and deportation. The prosecutors appealed this decision to the Federal Supreme Court for reinstating the deportation order. The final judgement announced the UAE Federal Anti-Narcotic Law orders the deportation of expats who are convicted in drug cases.


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