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Finding a trusted professional to consult on your legal matters is never an easy task. That is why we have created iADVICE.Live, ensuring you can get the right information at the right time.

iADVICE.Live is not a law firm and does not provide any legal services.

It is an online marketplace connecting consumers with duly licensed practicing lawyers from various law firms across the region. Our online community brings together clients and attorneys from across the region and is the quickest, simplest and most affordable way to get legal assistance across the UAE and the Middle East.

iADVICE.Live provides you with instant free access to professional advice from experienced lawyers, a wide range of region-specific legal information, a unique lawyer directory and much more.

We believe everyone should be able to read and understand the laws that govern us, without cost. For this purpose, we make primary legal information including laws and regulations accessible to the general public. We create materials that help people better understand local legislation, and we explore new technologies that make it easier for people to find the legal information and services online.

With easy to use search engine, you can find texts of local laws and regulations, explanation of legal terms, professional articles posted by lawyers in our legal blog, or answers from lawyers to similar questions.

You can easily find and choose from law firms and lawyers by their office location, practice area, language, rating and see the way they deal with clients even before you meet them.

Within few clicks, you will be able to arrange a meeting, hire a lawyer at a fixed fee to resolve your legal issue, request a callback from an attorney, contact a lawyer using online chat or post your question on the website and receive answers from experienced attorneys at no charge within hours.

iADVICE.Live is the easiest way to solve your legal issues.

Get started right now:

    • Buy legal services from lawyers, at a fixed price
    • Search for ready answers from lawyers
    • Read our legal blog
    • Explore local legislation
    • Learn a definition of legal terms in the legal dictionary
    • Find a licensed attorney to assist with your legal issue
    • Choose among best law firms in the lawyer directory
    • Post a legal question and get it answered by an expert
    • Chat with experienced lawyers online
    • Request a callback from a lawyer

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