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Are  you being sexually harassed by your superiors or colleagues at  workplace? Are you being bullied or mentally harassed by your co workers? Are you feeling uncomfortable at your work place? If yes, then you may have a claim against them.

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Summary of the law

Workplace harassment is a serious and common issue in UAE. The federal decree No 2 of 2015, the anti discrimination law has some provisions against workplace harassment.

Any women harassed on anyway shall register a complaint about the incident at the nearby police station with the  help of a lawyer. The complaint should include the complete details of the incident, all available details of the harasser and evidence; If any.

Article 358 and 359 of UAE law states that whoever disgraces a women by words or physically in public or workplace, will be punished with 1 year of imprisonment and a fine of 10000 ADE.

Article 360 and 370 states the various categories of sexual harassment at workplace and the punishments for the act.

Harassment at workplace can be avoided only if the women starts to react. This will only be stopped if the people who are getting bullied is ready to stand up against the bullies and take action. If someone harasses you, inform the employer or other concerned authorities. However nothing is changed by doing so, a prompt legal action is much needed.