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Independent legal advice

Independent legal advice


While availing loans or mortgages, it is important to gain legal advices for further goodness. This can reduce the legal implications regarding any issue. One should be fully aware about the property laws to avoid complicated risks while getting into this field.

Transaction of properties

  • Occupier’s consent to mortgage: Independent legal advice is needed when the property occupies more person who doesn’t own even with a joint manner. Lender requires the document which includes the rights of occupier. This is made to ensure that the lender’s rights are not interfered with.
  • Transfer of equity: market value lesser than the existing mortgage amount is the equity
  • of property. Independent legal advice is needed when the mortgage amount changes.
  • Joint borrower sole proprietor: in some cases, the borrower might be different to the person who offers lender security. Independent legal advice is needed if there arise any kind of undue influence.
  • Bridging loans: in some cases, short term funding might be needed when house comes on business or marketplace. Independent legal advices are needed when property is used as security against loan advance.