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Labour Law in the UAE

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Labour Law in the UAE

Labours hold the strength of an organization irrespective of the type of work. They can be skilled or unskilled workers. But still the production in a company depends on the working speed and quality of the output that are produced by the labours working there. The Federal Law No: 8 is the main source of employment matters related laws in the UAE, called as “Labour Law”. According to the law, all the employment agreements should be in the written format registered with the Ministry of Labour. All the terms of contract are to be included in the agreement without fail.

Facts on Working in the UAE

The UAE laws are applicable to every individual who stays there. There are some facts that belongs to the labours who work in the UAE. They are:

  1. Getting paid regularly: Every people who works need to be paid by the national currency without any duplication. The payment can be made on the daily, monthly or yearly basis depending on the rules and regulations or contract with the company. No forcing of products from the employers as the wage is allowed in the UAE. It is strictly against the law.
  2. Maternity leave cannot be delayed: As per the UAE Labour Law, Federal No: 8, Article 30 states that “a female worker shall be entitled to maternity leave for a period of 45 days with full payment only on the condition that she has been working there for one year”. If the preceding one year is not completed, then she will only get the half payment for 45 days leave.
  3. Annual leave right: The workers are allowed to take leave on all public holidays of the country with full payment. Those days are on the New Year day, Islamic New Year day, Eid al Fitr day, Eid al Adha and Arafat day, National day and Commemoration day. The other paid leaves include: the workers who worked atleast for six months in the company will get a 2 days per month paid leave. And those who exceeded one year of service, will get a 30 das leave annually.
  4. Employer shouldn’t keep the workers passport: Without the due consent of the worker, an employer cannot keep their passport strictly. And also, an employer cannot terminate the employee for this reason.
  5. Never bear the costs of residency visa: The cost of the residency visa should be borne by the employer for whom you work. You need not reimburse the money to him/her. It the responsibility of the employer regardless of the job or termination.
  6. No need of employer’s consent for resignation: Resignation strictly depends on the mentality of every worker and not by the employer. So, there is no need for the consent from the employer if you decided to resign from the work. Forced resignations are strictly against the law.
  7. Completion of notice period: Once you decided to resign or leave the company, you should check whether the notice period is completed. You cannot leave a company by due notice period. It is strictly against the law. If you still need to be resigned from the company within the notice period, then you should pay the compensation amount to the company. Notice period is normally considered as 30 days’ time limit. You will get a ban of working in the UAE for about one year, if you break this law.
  8. Gratuity amount during the resignation: The entitled gratuity amount should be paid to the workers even if he or she resigns from the company. This amount is calculated based on the recent salary that is paid to the account with allowances or bonus. This amount may vary depending on the small or big contract period that you have worked with.
  9. Maximum working hours: The working hours may differ to the people who works in cafeterias, hotels, trade, security, etc. But still an adult worker should not work for more than 8 or 9 hours per working day or 48 hours per week. These hours might be reduced by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs depending on the strain of the work. During the Ramadan days, the ordinary working hours are reduced by 2 hours per working days.
  10. Grace period after the terminated work visa: Even if the worker gets terminated from the company, they will be provided a grace period of 30 days from the date of cancellation of work for obtaining a new residence permit or to leave the country. If the person still doesn’t find any solution within these 30 days, then it is calculated as illegal.


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