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Outstanding Bank Debt and Travel Ban

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Outstanding Bank Debt and Travel Ban

The corona virus pandemic has led to the fallout of financial needs of many people. Expatriates hung with the pandemic in a worse way as their aim left out in the storm. Business owners are also facing a tough task with the crisis. Many of them were forced out of their jobs and many are doing any kind of jobs in need of money. Livelihoods are badly affected and everyone are struggling.

Zero or less income situation made a negative impact on each and every people which led to increase in the bank debts. It kept on increasing irrespective of the situation. Due to the worse situation and economic outlooks, many people are forced to leave the country. People who are in hotel, airline and education sectors struggled hard due to debt and securing new employment.

Travel Ban

Article 29 of UAE constitution tells that the freedom of movement will be granted to everyone unless they are objected by a travel ban. There can be many reasons when a person is affected by a travel ban. Here, we are talking about the travel ban due to outstanding bank debts. Travel ban is a kind of restriction on people from entering, re-entering or exiting from the country. They are not allowed to cross the country border by any means. The Federal Law No: 6 of 1972 with the amendment by Ministerial Decree No: 83 of 2002 explains a non-exhaustive list of categories on which the expatriates cannot exit or enter the country. The travel ban is imposed on every people including expatriates who violates the UAE law.

In case of the outstanding bank debt case, as per Article 329 and 330 of UAE Civil Procedure Code, the creditor can submit an application to prohibit the debtor from traveling before the competent court. This can only be requested under the apprehension that the debtor will abscond the country without paying off the outstanding debts.

The ban will continue even when the debt is paid. The conditions that the creditor must consider prior to submitting the request are:

  • The creditor must prove that the debtor will abscond
  • Amount should be definite
  • The debt amount shall exceed AED 10,000

Travel Ban Check

The lawyer you hire can help you to know all the legal areas of imposing the travel ban on you. Getting legal advice can avoid fake traps. This can save your money and time from getting the knowledge of legal formalities. You can submit the documents online and soon you will get results from the lawyers. The documents needed for checking the travel ban include:

  • Passport
  • Emirates ID (if any)
  • Recent exit stamp (if any)
  • Residency permit
  • Expired passport (if your residence visa was stamped over there)

Procedure for Removal of Travel Ban

The bans are hurdled by the competent authority and sometimes it can move to a lifetime. This can be imposed by the request of the party. The accused can submit application for removing the travel ban before the immigration authority. It will be more useful to seek help from lawyers to easily get out of it.

Once all the debts are cleared, the debtor can apply to object the travel ban in the court. The ban can be removed in some cases like:

  • If debtor gives a bank guarantee
  • Once the creditor cancels the travel ban application
  • If debtor repays the claim



Travel bans can happen knowingly or unknowingly. Violating the UAE laws can lead to face legal formalities. Many people might not be aware on the rules and regulations regarding the travel bans. Those who wish to get online legal advice Dubai can contact us through our legal service providing website https://iadvise.live. You can avail free legal consultation in Dubai as soon as you prefer us. In case if you are trapped in this legal offenses regarding the travel bans, you can find lawyer UAE easily from our team iadvise.live.

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