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Points to Remember Before Accusing Somebody for Breach of Trust

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Points to Remember Before Accusing Somebody for Breach of Trust

Breach of trust happens when a person fails to make distributions beneficiaries. It may also happen when you fail to protect something from loss or danger from trust terms. Like these and many other ways you may have exposure to being breached trust for any loss or incident. A trustee should be best in their interest and words. He or she is a person nominated to manage the assets owned by some other person according to the law terms.

Breach of trust can happen if the trustee doesn’t perform the following duties:

  • Invests fund in a way which is not permitted by his or her power of investment.
  • Distributes assets to a beneficiary who is not entitled to them under any of the trust documents.
  • Breaches common law of care such as by exercising power of investment without such skill and care.
  • Breaches fiduciary duty like not for the profit from trust. This can be selling his or her asset to the trust.

Points to Remember

Before accusing somebody, everyone should know about the breach of trust through all legal ways. Some points to be remembered before such happening are:

  • The breach of trust mostly takes place when the accused destroys or uses the duty given to him without a legal right.
  • Takes place if the crime was on a movable property. Those can be any kind of documents, money or so on.
  • Other than any theft or fraud activities for breach of trust, the victim must undergo damages or loss.
  • The accused must receive the object possession in the cases like trust, usage, lease, or mortgage.
  • In the institution if a shareholder prevents other shareholders from doing their duties on their shares, and if that one person takes up the shares, he or she can be charged for breach of trust.


Trust is something which cannot be acted or created. It should come from within in its purest form. But when its broken then rebuilding trust is very difficult. Accusing someone for breach of trust takes place in many of the cases. Knowing the legal space can avoid unnecessary legal formalities. For further clarifications you can get free legal consultation in Dubai and can find lawyer UAE through our best service. You can also get online legal advice Dubai by opting us through https://iadvise.live.

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