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Fraudulent attempts for selling fake university degrees

Fraudulent attempts for selling fake university degrees


I obtained a degree from a US-based university based on experience 10 years ago, however, I noticed after receiving it that it was fake, so I didn’t process any attestation or submission to any of the authorities in the UAE.

I received a call from the US embassy 3 weeks ago inquiring about it and that the said university has legal cases already, so they put me in contact with the so-called United States higher learning education.

They mentioned that they will need to get NOC’s to remove my name from the US system that I have a degree and they asked me to wire transfer of $2500.

Also, I received a call from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and it was an Arabic lady stating that I need to finish this issue with them otherwise it will be sent to the UAE Justice Department.

Hope to receive advice.


Ahmed Elnaggar

Ahmed Elnaggar

Dear Questioner,

I hope my message finds you well.

It is very obvious from your question above that you are under attack from a fraudulent group who are trying to convince you to wire funds based on the certificate you have bought a few years back.

Please do not pay them or they will continue harassing you to get more funds. Beware of such electronic fraudulent attempts.


Ahmed Elnaggar.

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