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Employee rights upon termination of a limited employment contract

Employee rights upon termination of a limited employment contract

Labor Rights Query – Termination without a valid reason

Dear Sir/Mam,

I was recently terminated by my company where I had worked for 2 years and 8 months under renewed limited contract (2-year term).

There was no sort of prior warning letter or verbal communication regarding the termination. I have my labour contract due until November 2019.

The company handed me a renewal letter of our internal contract back on July 25th 2017, for a term period of 1 year.

Also, the termination letter which was handed over to me on June 21st 2018 had stated “Non-Renewal of Contract”.

The notice period was until 24th July 2018. Right now I am waiting for my visa cancellation paper & full final settlement papers to come.

I wanted to know If I am eligible for three months compensation and other benefits under arbitrary termination provisions (if this case comes under that).

Thanks & Regards



No Name

No Name

Dear Mr Sujit,

I hope my email finds you well.

Further to your query, please be informed that our law firm can assist you with claiming your entitlements. For providing you with our legal opinion, kindly provide us with the below documents:

1. Employment contract with the company.

2. Termination letter

3. Renewal letter

Upon receiving all the above information, we shall be reviewing the same and we shall provide you with our opinion on how to proceed forward with the case.

For confidentiality, you can send all the above information at [email protected] or you can call us at 045547635.

We look forward to receiving your response.


Aws M. Younis

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