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Seeking divorce from husband for emotional abuse

Seeking divorce from husband for emotional abuse

What are my rights in case of emotional abuse and being held in the UAE against my will and not allowing me to go back to my home country, so that I am unable to file for divorce (khula’)?

How can I prove emotional abuse?

I have been asking for a divorce for almost a year and a half now, but my husband is not giving me because my parents are not supporting me, what should I do???


Capstone Law

Capstone Law

Dear Questioner,

I will assume that you are in the UAE as you did not mention which country you are resident and which is your home country!

Please note that you have the right to file for Khula’ in the UAE and you do not need to wait to go back to your home country!

In order to help you proving emotional abuse, I would need to know more details about the case and advise you accordingly!

You can get in touch with my office through [email protected] to arrange an appointment!


Ahmed Elnaggar

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