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Race discrimination

Do you feel like you are being discriminated or avoided at your workplace because of your colour/ religion? If you are experiencing difficulties at workplace or is getting denied of your rights because of your race, then you may have a claim.

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Summary of the law

The UAE Law no.2 against discrimination and hatred introduces the federal legislation which prohibits all forms of discrimination at work place, including religion, belief, section, faith, race, creed, colour or ethnic origin, regardless of how it is expressed. So the law is applicable to all forms of discrimination, whether it is spoken, written, drawn, photographed, sang or mimicked, irrespective of the means through which it is expressed.

The article 17 of the law states that the manager or representative of the respective company will be punished if the crime of discrimination is committed and proven and provided that they were aware of the same.

Along with this, the law also prohibits;

  • Production, promotion, sales or possession of any product or service which includes any expression involving racial or religious hatred speech.
  • Participating or organizing meetings for the purpose of religious or racial contempt
  • Establishing, participating or managing any group which promotes religious contempt or discrimination.
  • Requesting, providing, delivering or requesting money or materials for supporting discriminatory acts.

The  article 9 imposes the same rule and penalties to public employees if they commits a discriminatory act upon or due to performing his job.

The article 6 of the law states that a person who commits an act of discrimination will be punished with imprisonment up to 5 years and a fine of AED500000 to AED 1000000.

If you are facing racial discrimination at work, you may have a claim. contact our experienced lawyers for getting advice and to claim your right legally, if you feel like they are being denied.