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Sex discrimination

If you are feeling like you are being discriminated in workplace because of your gender, you are getting less privileges or unequal wages compared to other gender, you are a victim of sex discrimination and you may have a claim.

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Summary of sex discrimination claims 

The UAE labour law prohibits discrimination against female workers. The law states that the female workers should be provided with the same wage and privileges as male workers for performing the same job. The law ensures that both men and women gets equal wages and opportunities. the law also promotes integrating gender balance in work policies and leadership positions.

The gender balance guide for organizations launched by the gender balance council in 2017 recommends some significant actions to ensure gender equality, such as;

  1. Implement commitment for gender balance.
  2. Motivate personnel towards gender balance.
  3. Implement equality in communication
  4. Integrate gender into policies and programs.
  5. Cooperating gender balance in leadership positions.

The UAE Cabinet approved a law on equal wages for women and man in 2018. the article 32 of labour law states that the female workers shall be granted a wage equal to that as a man for the same kind of work.

Article 27 to 34 of labour law lay down special provisions for women employees, like;

  • Women should not be employed between 10 pm to 7 am with exceptions in administrative, technical and health sectors
  • Women are entitled for maternity benefits
  • Women should be provided with same wage as a man for similar job
  • Women should not be employed in physically challenging and dangerous jobs.

If you are facing discrimination at work place or is harassed, you may have a claim. Contact our experienced lawyers for getting advice and to claim your right legally, if you feel like they are being denied.